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Parent Testimonials

"I love the fact that Learning Tree is a cooperative preschool.  Because each student's family takes an active role in the success of the preschool, my family has been able to develop meaningful relationships with teachers, parents, and other students at Learning Tree Cooperative Preschool."

— Stephanie VonFintel


"I cannot say enough about the impact Learning Tree has made on our family. They aren’t just supportive for the kids in the classroom, but at home as well. My daughter can’t wait for the weekend to end so she can go back to school and see her Learning Tree Family on Monday."

— Amber Dashnier


"Learning Tree Preschool is an exceptional parent/co op experience.  Everyone, including parents, teachers, and the Board members pitch in to make sure all our children get a quality education and are prepared for the next level.  I highly recommend them if you want a family oriented experience.  Monthly family nights and other group events stand out as things not offered at many preschools."

— April Selley

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