Job Responsibility Information
Board Jobs (May – May)
  • President:  Chair monthly Board meetings; oversee scholarship applications with Tuition Chair; prepare applications and materials for Open House and attend the event; write bi monthly newsletter; ultimately responsible to ensure all preschool functions are carried out.

  • Administrator:  Attend monthly Board meetings; coordinate/conduct interviewing for open staff positions during the summer; responsible for staff contracts including hiring, dismissal, and substitutes; handle all insurance and licensing issues involving safety, health and documentation.  Ensure health department reporting requirements are fulfilled. 

  • Secretary:  Attend monthly Board meetings; record and issue meeting minutes; handle all official preschool correspondence – thank you notes, etc.

  • Treasurer:  Requires computer and some business acumen; familiarity with Excel software; attend monthly Board meetings; responsible for issuing checks for bills and reimbursements.

  • Communications Chair:  Attend monthly Board meetings; attend Open House to answer questions related to the preschool; prepare Job Board list; assist Director with grant writing; assist Director with email/telephone communications, as needed..

  • Publicity Chair:  Attend monthly Board meetings; coordinate external advertising; coordinate with other Board members or committees on publicity needs, prepares and posts flyers around town advertising our preschool and our important dates, updates the preschool Facebook page.

  • Ways & Means Chair:  Attend monthly Board meetings; oversee activities of all fundraiser workers; identify and coordinate fundraisers for the school year; staff table at Orientation.

  • Events Coordinator Chair:  Attend monthly Board meetings; design and coordinate monthly family events during afternoon/evening hours for preschool families, friends, and the public to enjoy.

Preschool Parental Responsibilities (for all parents not in a Board position)
  • Laundry Assistant - Washing towels, art smocks, doll clothes and dress up clothes as requested by the teacher throughout the year.

  • Oakie Suit & Boot Wiper - Washing the Oakie suits as required by the instructions and wiping down the boots as needed/requested by the teachers throughout the year.

  • Publicity Helper - Helping the Publicity chair person with distributing posters, flyers and handouts, and help setting up for Kid’s Day at the mall.

  • Health Coordinator - Attending county Health Department class to enter Health information into computer and addressing any health problems throughout the year.

  • Playdoh Prep - Making home-made playdoh for the classrooms throughout the year upon the teachers’ requests.

  • Toy Washers - Washing the toys in the classrooms multiple times throughout the year upon the teachers’ requests.

  • Garage Sale Helpers - Helping set up for the garage sale (will be the 1st or 2nd weekend of May, to be determined), sales during the garage sale, and tearing down the garage sale when it ends.

  • Bathroom Disinfector – Disinfect bathroom with Lysol wipes every morning before school starts.

  • Maintenance Helper – Assist with minor maintenance and repairs in the preschool rooms.