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Parent Job Information

The Importance of Parents at Learning Tree Cooperative Preschool

Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a preschool?  Dedicated parents are crucial to making our preschool successful!


Our preschool is a non-profit, parent run organization, licensed by the State of Michigan. St. John's Episcopal Church graciously allows the use of the facilities, but the operation of the preschool is solely the responsibility of the parents, teachers, and part-time director, thus making it a cooperative preschool.


Tuition schedules are set to cover the salaries of the teachers, aides, and part-time director, who are the only paid employees of the preschool.  With little administrative and no maintenance staff, activities such as cleaning and repairs depend on the volunteer efforts of parents.


The preschool board is staffed by 4 officers (President, Administrator, Treasurer, and Secretary) and 4 committee chairs (Publicity, Ways and Means, Communications, and Events Coordinator). This volunteer group of parents is responsible for making all budget and policy decisions regarding the preschool. The teachers serve as non-voting advisors.


Under each of the committee chairs lay a number of specific job responsibilities that are necessary in order to keep the school running smoothly. The jobs include everything from health and licensing responsibilities, to fundraising, supply, and program coordination.


So, as you can see, we need the support of each and every one of you. Whether you have volunteered to be a board member or to make playdoh each week, your role is critical to the successful operation of the school.  Thank you for your commitment to the school and your child!

Job Responsibility Information
Board Jobs (May – May)
  • President:  Chair monthly Board meetings; oversee scholarship applications with Director; prepare applications and materials for Open House and attend the event to answer questions related to the preschool; assist Director, as needed; ultimately responsible to ensure all preschool functions are carried out.

  • Administrator:  Attend monthly Board meetings; coordinate/conduct interviewing for open staff positions during the summer; responsible for staff contracts including hiring, dismissal, and substitutes; assist President, as needed.

  • Secretary:  Attend monthly Board meetings; record and issue meeting minutes; handle all official preschool correspondence – thank you notes, etc.

  •  Treasurer:  Requires computer and some business acumen; familiarity with Excel software; attend monthly Board meetings; responsible for issuing checks for bills and reimbursements.

  • Purchaser Chair: Attend monthly Board meetings; purchase snacks for the preschool.

  • Publicity Chair:  Attend monthly Board meetings; coordinate external advertising; coordinate with other Board members or committees on publicity needs, prepares and posts flyers around town advertising our preschool and our important dates, updates the preschool Facebook page.

  • Ways & Means/Fundraising Chair:  Attend monthly Board meetings; oversee activities of all fundraiser workers; identify and coordinate fundraisers for the school year; staff table at Orientation.

  • Events Coordinator Chair:  Attend monthly Board meetings; design and coordinate family events during afternoon/evening hours for preschool families, friends, and the public to enjoy.

Preschool Parental Responsibilities (for all parents not in a Board position)
  • Laundry Assistant - Washing towels, art smocks, doll clothes and dress up clothes as requested by the teachers.

  • Oakie Suit & Boot Wiper - Washing the Oakie suits as required by the instructions and wiping down the boots as requested by the teachers.

  • Playdoh Prep - Making home-made playdoh for the classrooms throughout the year upon the teachers’ requests.

  • Fish Tank Helper - Clean and maintain the preschool fish tank.

  • Refrigerator Cleaner - Clean the refrigerator as assigned. 

  • Cubby Cleaner - Clean the cubbies in the preschool as assigned. 

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