Our Staff

Stephanie Gessford

My name is Stephanie Gessford.  I am the lead older 4’s/young 5’s prekindergarten teacher.  This is my third year of teaching at Learning Tree Cooperative Preschool.  I am a Midland native who moved back from Texas in 2017. I have experience teaching 3’s/young 4’s, prekindergarten, kindergarten, and middle school.  I have two children of my own; Logan is ten and Anna is almost thirteen.  My husband, Matt, works for Corteva.

I believe that we are a family in my classroom.  I strive to create an environment where children learn to appreciate one another as much as they value learning.  I am a firm believer in solving problems through exploration, collaboration, and inquiry. You will find us singing, dancing, getting messy, building, and exploring in addition to working on writing, numeracy, and pre-reading skills.  The goal this year in prekindergarten is to create a firm foundation for the social and academic demands of the elementary years.

Thank you for sharing your children with me this school year. We are going to learn a tremendous amount, and I promise we will have fun in the process!

Lisa Daniels

My name is Lisa Daniels and I am the new 3’s /4’s lead teacher.  Although this is my first year at Learning Tree Cooperative Preschool, I bring with me over twenty years’ experience working with children ages birth through elementary school, fifteen of those years were spent teaching young children ages birth through five.  Originally from a little town in southern Michigan called Hillsdale, I moved to Midland just over seven years ago with my husband Bruce and three boys: Logan twenty, Garrett seventeen, and Mason twelve. 

In the 3’s/4’s classroom, I believe the most important work we do is in the area of social and emotional development, such as: learning how to get along with others, taking turns, and developing self-control, to name a few.  These fundamentals are the basis for lifelong learning.  We need to develop these skills before we can move on to other school readiness skills in the 4’s and young 5’s room. 

I believe children learn these skills best through play.  As a teacher it is my job to foster a classroom environment that encourages play and exploration.  The activities provided should meet the needs of the children while exposing them to a variety of learning experiences. We will play, explore, do art, cook, get messy and have a lot of fun this year.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to teach your little ones. 

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