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Typical Day at Preschool

Signing in: Children start the day by signing in. This skill works on name recognition, letters, and handwriting. 

Circle time: After signing in we meet in a circle where we read books, develop pre-reading skills, work on counting, play games, share daily news, and expose children to social norms of the preschool setting.

Small group time: Working in small groups allows students to receive individual attention to develop fine motor skills like drawing, cutting, and pre-writing; children who show signs of readiness will be using the Handwriting Without Tears program.  We also investigate science and math concepts through hands-on exploration and inquiry.
Snack time: We enjoy a school-provided snack so that the children can learn how to sit at the table as a group, develop table manners,  and to promote vocabulary development through conversation. We also discuss our plans for free choice "work" time and engage in a planning activity.
Free choice time:  During free choice, the children may explore the Discovery Room where they can engage in pretend play, creativity,  and problem solving while learning skills of self-regulation.
Lunch: Students sit down to lunch in the Health Hub where they eat a lunch they bring from home.  We practice opening and closing containers, sitting at the table as a group, and discuss what we learned and loved at school that day.

Outdoor Play: We end our day outside where children can run, pretend, and explore nature.  The school provides Oakiwear and rain boots so that we may go outside even on wet or rainy days.
Pick-up: Students will be prepared for dismissal and escorted to the front of the building for curb-side pick-up.

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