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Defining "Cooperative"

If there is one lesson I have learned through this pandemic it's that we are not in this alone. We may be under a stay at home order, but we continue to find strength in each other, even from a distance. We continue to come together by necessity at home and as a community in a virtual network. Our friendships, family, worship, and school communities are finding ways to continue in spite of the circumstances.

The benefit of being part of a cooperative preschool is that we are, by nature, a group of individuals united for the benefit of our program and the benefit of the children. Our program thrives on the relationships built between families, teachers, children, and the community. As a nonprofit, we exist to serve, and we continue this mission in even the strangest of circumstances.

You may feel you have nothing left to give, and that is okay. You are not alone. You are part of a community. You are part of a cooperative, and we are all in this together. Leave a comment, and your words will be read. If you have the ability, respond to others with empathy and a simple "you are heard." This is enough. You are enough. Together we are enough.

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