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Going on a Letter Hunt

If your home celebrates Easter with classic plastic eggs, you may find yourself wondering what to do with your collection once the holiday is over. This fun game uses plastic eggs for a different kind of egg hunt. Learning letters, numbers, or even sight words is a great way to repurpose your plastic eggs. No eggs? No worries! You can still play this game at home without the egg.

Deciding on the Treasure

First, decide on which area of knowledge is most appropriate for your child. You could choose upper case or lower case letters, sight words, or numbers. Choose if you want your child to put the letters in alphabetical order when searching and finding each letter of the alphabet (singing the ABC's can help with this). If your child is ready, you want to find a set number of sight words (like 5-10) for your child to find; you could provide a list and your child can match the word to the list. Or, you could make the search simpler by hiding only the letters in your child's name and spelling it out as letters are located.

Plan the Hunt

Will you write out clues for your child, draw a map, play "getting warmer, getting colder" (as your child moves closer or away from an egg), set a timer, or just yell "go!"? Whatever your approach, you can easily adjust this game for a variety of age groups. If you have older children, you could hide math problems and matching solutions or definitions with spelling words. The options are endless.

No Eggs? No Problem.

Feel free to hide pieces of paper in an envelope or by themselves. Tape the paper to favorite toys. Or, you could use sticky notes. Children love a good treasure hunt, so no matter the approach, you can't go wrong.

Want More?

Have your child make a treasure hunt for you! He or she can give you clues and draw maps. These approaches involve higher level thinking and planning skills.


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