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Using Shapes to Draw

When I was little I loved to draw. I still love it! Today, consider using shapes and position words to help your child draw an elephant friend to go along with our YouTube read aloud.

How to draw a shape elephant

  1. Begin with an oval in the middle of your paper. This is the body.

  2. Add a big curve on one end. This curve makes the head.

  3. Add an oval in the middle of the curve and the big oval. This makes the ear.

Now, let's add the trunk.

  1. Make a J at the bottom of your big curve.

  2. Add another J next to the first J.

  3. Connect the ends of the J's.

Now it's time for legs!

Add four rectangles at the bottom of the big oval.

Finally, let's add the details: an eye, a smile, and a tail.

That's it! You're done! Now you have an elephant like the one in our book today, and you made it using shapes! What else can you draw using shapes? If you look up "how to draw animals for kids" online, you'll find lots of other ideas. Color your elephant, post it as a comment on today's Facebook post about this blog entry, and let's create a virtual gallery!

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