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Isn't It Always Snack Time?

Time at home means that kids are almost always asking for food. Meal time can also be learning time. At school, we spend our meals talking, planning our next activities, or reviewing what we have done that day. We laugh---a lot. Inside our time eating is so much opportunity for learning.

Food can be an awesome tool for learning. Finger foods are a great way to learn about math and work on those fine motor skills. Take for example, these Fruit Loops. You can use them for so many activities! Check your pantry or refrigerator and find any variety of snacks that may be sorted (raisins and nuts, cubed cheese, apple and banana slices, fruit snacks, etc.).

You can make patterns!

ABAB patterns are a great place to start. If that's too easy, try ABCABC or make your own. See if your child can figure out what comes next!

Sorting and counting

Sort items by type, color, shape, etc. You could make a snack mix and separate the components; discuss how the child decided to make those decisions. Count the items. Talk about what which has the most, the least, etc.

Get creative.

Consider building patterns vertically; this builds persistence and mathematical skills. Make letters. Create pictures. Enjoy...just make sure your food is finger-friendly.

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